Highly Suspect "My Name Is Human" by Marc Klasfeld

Lead singer Johnny Stevens whips up his latest obsession, in his "My Name Is Human" video. Directed by Marc Klasfeld.

Romeo Santos - Héroe Favorito by Marc Klasfeld

Huge latin Superstar Romeo Santos didn't waste any time and went straight to Marc Klasfeld for this super fun pop video. The video already has 16 MILLION VIEWS in one week. Aye Papi!

Sabrina Carpenter "Thumbs" by Hayley Young

Not 1 week about and already 7 million views!  Disney artist Sabrina Carpenter and Hayley Young paired up for this fun, urban, one take.

It's ON again by Chris Grieder!

Sweet new video from Chris Grieder for Daniel Skye. In his video for "On", Daniel takes a break from his girlfriend troubles and spends a care free summer day with his friends. His night reaches a perfect conclusion as he and his girlfriend make up and party together. Ah to be be young again.

Head and the Heart by Michael!

Michael does it again...directing an offbeat and always totally fun video. This time for the single Rhythm & Blues  by Head And The Heart.

Grandaddy's "Way We Won't" by Chris Grieder

The late actor John Ritter's son, Jason Ritter, plays a guy that just can't catch a break while he's stuck trying to get a lift in the desert. The video goes from weird to bizarre; with no happy ending that's for sure. "Way We Won't" is Grandaddy's long awaited new single from their new album. Directed by Chris Grieder

Chainsmokers f Halsey by Dano Cerny

Ahh remember those days of crazy and passionate love in a new relationship? Me neither. Oh well The Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart and Halsey sure know that feeling, and put it on celluloid in this video "Closer". Helmed by our über music video director Dano Cerny

James Frost getting burlesque for Corinne Bailey Rae

Another beautiful soulful tune out of Corinne Bailey Rae's new album.
Director James Frost known for his hugely successful videos for Coldplay, Radiohead, Alabama Shakes and Norah Jones shines a light on Corinne backstage as a somewhat burlesque-ish 1920's showgirl in "Hey I Won't Break Your Heart". 

Go "Anywhere" with Dillon Francis. Really, anywhere...

We all have our baggage but at least the girls in this video wear their high fashion appendages well. Director Adam L. Willis AKA Brother Willis came together with Dillon Francis for this absurd and completely enthralling video for "Anywhere". Jean Paul Gaultier eat your heart out!