Dan Auerbach by Bryan Schlam

Director Bryan Schlam helmed the hilarious, slightly melancholy clip for Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, which follows a group of teenage boys in the Seventies-through one last collective summer of booze, weed and sex. Pass the duchie!

Kissing Strangers by Marc Klasfeld

Marc Klasfeld delivers some lip-smacking visuals for DNCE and Nicki Minaj....and some dogs.

Herpes be damned, this is for one night only!

Director X Joins Las Bandas Be Brave for US Representation!

Legendary A lister Director X has joined Las Bandas Be Brave for US music video representation.

X has helmed some of the biggest iconic music videos in the past 15 years including videos by Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Sean Paul, Zayn, Iggy Azelea, Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Usher, Alicia Keys, Nelly & Nelly Furtado, etc...

We are more then thrilled to have him on board. Here's his reel for a short reminder of all he's contributed to pop culture the past 15 years.



James Fitzgerald for Alvarez Kings

Narrative fan James Fitzgerald brought Alvarez Kings to rural Ireland for this stylish slice of spookiness

Drunk in the Morning by Marc Klasfeld

Are you a Guinness, Murphy's or Smithwick's drinker? Or more like me who likes to sip Jameson or have some chilled Bailey's Irish Cream on ice.
Or will you just skip the celebrations tonight and in the morning make yourself an Irish Coffee? 
Either way, it's St Patrick's Day today and the Danish guys from Lukas Graham have a song just for you, it's called "Drunk In The Morning", directed by Marc Klasfeld.
Enjoy and erin go bragh!

James Frost shakes it over to Rattling Stick!

We're thrilled that one of our all time favorite directors, James Frost, has joined world famous Rattling Stick for Production services as well as staying with us at Las Bandas be Brave for Music Video Representation!  
As many of you know, James is well known and respected in the industry for hit after hit, with famous videos for Coldplay, Radiohead, Norah Jones, Alabama Shakes and OK Go! to name a few.  
Check out his reel on our front page!



Highly Suspect "My Name Is Human" by Marc Klasfeld

Lead singer Johnny Stevens whips up his latest obsession, in his "My Name Is Human" video. Directed by Marc Klasfeld.

Romeo Santos - Héroe Favorito by Marc Klasfeld

Huge latin Superstar Romeo Santos didn't waste any time and went straight to Marc Klasfeld for this super fun pop video. The video already has 16 MILLION VIEWS in one week. Aye Papi!

Sabrina Carpenter "Thumbs" by Hayley Young

Not 1 week about and already 7 million views!  Disney artist Sabrina Carpenter and Hayley Young paired up for this fun, urban, one take.

It's ON again by Chris Grieder!

Sweet new video from Chris Grieder for Daniel Skye. In his video for "On", Daniel takes a break from his girlfriend troubles and spends a care free summer day with his friends. His night reaches a perfect conclusion as he and his girlfriend make up and party together. Ah to be be young again.