Sia's "Santa's Coming For Us" by Marc Klasfeld

Happy Days ya'll!

Sia and Marc Klasfeld kick off Christmas with a little help from Kristin Bell, Dax Shepard, JB Smoov, Henry Winkler (yes, The Fonz!), Susan Lucci (!!), Caleb McLaughlin, Sofia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff.

Sure, Stranger things have happened...

Khruangbin by Chris Boyle

Chris Boyle has teamed up with loop-loving Texas trio Khruangbin to celebrate the relative freedom Iranian women had before the 1979 revolution. Your soundtrack to the weekend starts here...


The War on Drugs by Ben Fee

If you think your personal grooming habits are hard, try being a foliage covered humanoid!

Ben Fee helms this clip for The War On Drugs, starring Sophia Lillis (of Stephen Kings latest blockbuster IT) as one half of a duo on a road trip. What happens through their journey could be considered a metaphor for the inevitable cycle of nature. 

Dano Cerny for Bishop Briggs

Dano Cerny drums up a subtly ingenious video for Bishop Briggs, drawing a fierce visceral performance from her along the way. Gather 'round and strike up the band! 

Sam Smith by Director Luke Monaghan

Sam Smith and Luke Monaghan reunite, this time for a heartfelt reminder of love lost. Possible side effects include texting your ex that you miss them. Disclaimer: Las Bandas does not take responsibility for drunken texts within the next 24-48 hours!

CNCO and Little Mix by Marc Klasfeld

Marc Klasfeld turns up the heat under two supergroups - CNCO and Little Mix - and the results are el fuego! Over 2 million hits already and climbing...

1,2,3 Play! Marmozets by Millicent Hailes

From rap to rock, Millicent Hailes continues her hot streak through various genres. Next up to play, Britain's mighty Marmozets who practically pulled her off a flight back to LA for their comeback single.


Stone Sour's "Red Rose Violent Blue"

Stone Sour makes it rain at the infamous Cheetahs Strip Club, with the help of Director Ryan Valdez for the song titled "Red Rose Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)".

Imagine Drag Race with Steel Panther serving you bourbon and you're halfway there. Bottoms up boys!

King Krule gets morbid!

Brother Willis takes King Krule's rabid fanbase to Lynchian levels in his much anticipated comeback video for "Dum Surfer". 

Greasy sweaty and morbid, just how we like it!